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For those who do not remember her, she is the American actress with a long and impeccable career, as well as being a book editor, writer and lately political activist and blogger.


With two Oscars, two Golden Globes, among others, Jane Fonda continues to call her attention at 83 years of age, but not only for her high qualities on stage but for her elegant and striking beauty. It doesn't really seem like she was the age she is, but everything is right.


Today GFIT ACTIVEWEAR brings you the 4 secrets of Jane Fonda to look so beautiful.


  1. ESSENTIAL SUN PROTECTOR, beauty care choices. 🌞


Despite previous events where her skin suffered from cancer, Jane attaches great importance to sunscreen, which is why she regularly uses SPF to protect her face from the sun's rays.

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  1. YOUR HAIR IS PRIMORDIAL, beauty care choices. 💇🏻‍♀️


The same importance that the skin has for its appearance, the hair is also the protagonist. She assures that although her hair is gray due to gray hair, it does not mean that she should pay less attention to it, on the contrary, she assures that she frequently visits her stylist who is in charge of giving her a youthful and elegant look.

beauty care Joan 



  1. MOISTURIZE THE SKIN, beauty care choices. 💦


It is not only about moisturizing the skin, but also about changing the products frequently, since that will ensure that the skin does not become dry and if they are lotion products much better.

global beauty care 




  1. VISIT TO THE PROFESSIONAL, beauty care choices. 👩🏻‍⚕️


Although it seems a bit far-fetched, Jane visits her face specialist twice a month. According to her, nothing would be possible without the care that her professional recommends.


And you, which of these 4 secrets did you already know?



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