Intermittent Fasting For Women

On many occasions we have heard about intermittent fasting or fasting windows, all this in order to lose fat, if exactly one more supposed solution to the serious problem with our chubby ones.

What we have to make clear to begin with is that this topic is not new, nor is it a trend, what I can say is that in recent years the field of the gym or being fitness has become much more relevant and, therefore, issues such as intermittent fasting come together, but where did that intermittent fasting windows come from? Am I risking my health? Is it true that I will lose weight?

Stay a couple of minutes, and we will delve into that and much more.

Let's start with the basics, and it is that in 2019 a study published by the New England Journal Of Medicine, they were in charge of bringing together 19 adults, and they divided their meals in a period of 14 hours, and they discovered that they limit the meals in a period of 10 hours after the aforementioned 14 hours of fasting, it was associated with weight loss, even a smaller waist, low blood pressure, as well as LDL cholesterol.

That fat that is in the abdomen and that with exercise and optimal nutrition is the last one that goes away with the study, they also concluded that it helped reduce said fat.


Optimal intermittent fasting windows are a parallel solution to intermittent fasting, because intermittent fasting is done by completing 24 hours without eating any food, only water, tea or coffee, instead with fasting windows you can add 10, 14 or 18 hours without eat allowing your body to rest and recover while you are drinking water, coffee or tea.

According to "Satchin Panda PHD, it is like programming your body's metabolism ... What you must keep in mind within many factors, so you must investigate well, is when you break that window, you cannot eat pizzas, hamburgers, large fried foods. that would not be good for your liver and kidneys.

The key is to connect mind and body

Steger indicates that, in the end the body would not take long to adapt to these dietary changes, it will only be a matter of a couple of days and like many things, the beginning will be a little more complex, but the brain does not have the same speed due, because the brain has memory and has registered cultural habits and lifestyles.

The longer time windows of 10 hours are much more complex to carry, at the beginning in fact in JAMA Internal Medicine, I tried to do the same study but found that more than 39% of the people did not finish the test and went to eat.

What you should know

Although in most studies, the results are promising and beneficial for the body, many researchers advise caution, since 90% of the studies are to determine short-term factors, that is, in 3 or 4 weeks x number of people they did intermittent fasting and their health improved in certain aspects;

But there is not enough documentation to determine long-term factors. What happens to the body of a person who has been doing intermittent fasting for two years? so it is necessary to be very careful. GFIT ACTIVEWEAR is not responsible for any consequences due to optimal fasting windows, although we are faithful witnesses of the short-term benefits, but we are not advising it, it is necessary to investigate in depth.

We wanted to interview a person who practiced these fasting windows and this is what happened:

Emmanuel Barrios: Mexican national and resident of the United States of America, who at 27 years of age reached 102 kilos and a lover of fast food, pizzas, hamburgers and hot dogs his passion. His work allows him to stay at home all the time since he is manager of the marketing department of several companies internationally, but due to his workload he does not have much time to exercise, and he prefers to dedicate that little time to his wife and his beautiful daughter.

Interviewer: Do you know about intermittent fasting?

Emanuel B: Yes, I've been practicing it for a couple of years, but I don't constantly periods of up to 4 months when I don't.

Interviewer: How was those beginnings in intermittent fasting?

Emmanuel B: At the beginning it was complex, the anxiety to eat was great, the first days my head hurt, I started with a 24-hour fasting period, once a week, then two.

Well, I wanted to start with the most difficult and after that I switched to 15 and 16 hour windows, and it was much easier. But you will see that later one goes on vacation and really does not respect that much on a trip so stop.

Interviewer: Do you feel that intermittent fasting is beneficial?

Emmanuel B: of course, I now weigh 80 Kilos, although it was not only for that, but it did help me control my brain and not that he controls me, during the day I was always hungry and working at home you eat much more than when you go to the office, if after waking up I did not eat for the next 3 hours I was already in a bad mood and was not productive in my work now it is different if I have difficult days at work or with my personal things, I can safely skip breakfast and wait for my first meal to be in the afternoon without any problem.

Interviewer: Are you currently practicing it?

Emmanuel B: yes, but only until that week, because summer is coming, and I will travel with the family, so I don't think I will continue doing it or at least until when I return.

Interviewer: Finally, tell all GFIT ACTIVEWEAR followers what your optimal intermittent fasting window is.

Emmanuel B: Sure, what I do is eat twice a day, the first at 1 in the afternoon and the second at 8 at night, that is, I have a seven-hour window in which I eat these two meals, and a window of 17 hours without eating, only green tea and coffee I drink.

Interviewer: Wow, that sounds almost impossible to do.

Emmanuel B: If I did it because I weighed more than 100 K and ate all the time, why wouldn't you do it?

Think about that although there are recent studies and this issue seems new, it is not, in fact who said that We must eat at least three times a day and that breakfast is the most important meal of the day .... think of cavemen, they do not eat three times a day or four, and not at exact times, simply when they hunted. So everything is in your mind, control your mind and not that the mind controls you.

Learn to manage the rewards of your brain transmitters and focus your simulations.

Interviewer: Okay, what you say makes a lot of sense, and it is a topic that can be deepened a lot.

Emmanuel B: That's right, investigate more.

Interviewer: Thank you for your time.

Emmanuel B: To you!


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