The correct definition of the exercise is: DEAD BUG, pero muchas personas lo conocen como deabug.


The dead bug strengthens the abs and core without putting pressure on the lower back, which is why it differs from regular abs exercises.

It is recommended for all people who have low back pain and people who arch their back too much during the day. Or better known as hyperlordosis.

That pain in the lower back that appears if you spend a lot of time sitting in front of the computer or standing, could have a very simple explanation: hyperlordosis.

Low back pain do not practice DEABUG

The most common cause of low back pain is muscle tension and other muscle problems. A strain from heavy lifting, bending, or repetitive movements, but muscle strains usually heal within a few days or weeks.

Apply heat or ice to the painful area. Use ice for the first 48 to 72 hours, then use heat. Take over-the-counter pain relievers. Sleep in a stooped or fetal position with a pillow between your legs.

Dead Bug is a unique exercise that works the abdominal area mainly the transverse flexors of the abdomen and the hip with secondary emphasis on the rectus abdominis.

Dead Bug is a safe exercise to develop the lower abdominal muscles without compromising the lower back.

Many people choose to perform Dead Bug prior to leg and back training or as part of an interval training routine.



How to exercise

  1. Para iniciar acuéstese en el piso, contraiga los abdominales para que pueda hundir la parte inferior de la espalda en el suelo. Puede utilizar un tapete como base para reducir cualquier estrés adicional. El objetivo es eliminar cualquier espacio entre su espalda y cualquier superficie del suelo. 
  2. Ahora, extienda una pierna y el brazo opuesto. 

Extienda solo hasta donde pueda sin perder esa posición de espalda al suelo. No se preocupe si no puede llegar hasta el piso. Lo importante es que luches por mantener la posición de la espalda baja.

Si durante el ejercicio comienza a arquear la espalda, es posible que extienda demasiado los hombros. Siga luchando para mantener su espalda baja en tierra.

Recuerda que cada dia vas a tener mayor flexibilidad en tu cuerpo por eso los primeros días pueda que no lo hagas de la forma 100% correcta pero no importa, la constancia traerá beneficios para ti.








1. It is important to maintain the position of the pelvis and lower back in this exercise.

2. As you extend your leg forward in the straight position, you may feel like arching your lower back, but it is important that you don't.

3. Keep your lower back flat on the floor.

4. Maintain tension at all times and not by resting your legs on the ground.

5. It is recommended 5 sets x 30 seconds each.

6. The only muscles in development are in the abdomen.


Deadbug variations


There are many variations of DEABUG in order to make it more demanding and you can have greater results and in less time.

GfitActivewear recommends variations:


a) Heel strikes. Always keeping your knee bent, slowly lower one foot at a time and hit the ground with your heel.

b) Extension-leg. Press one foot away from your body to straighten your leg and place it on the floor.

c) Leg-raised. Stretch both legs where your feet are toward the ceiling, then slowly lower one leg at a time.

d) Palms-wall. Place both arms in the upper direction (up). And press your palms against the wall with your knees above your hips.




Disclaimer: If you've been inactive for a while, have heart disease or a close relative with heart disease, or if you have other major health problems or are pregnant, check with your doctor before following these workouts.

Although many people use DEABUG as a warm-up option, what we advise you is to warm up before doing even DEABUG, it can be a very brief warm-up, but do it!

Five minutes doing any of these options will help you:
Walking, jogging, pumping your arms, shoulder rolls, controlled punches, circular windmill arm movements
After training, you should cool down your body with any of the aforementioned activities as well.

You should not feel discomfort or pain, if so, consult a professional and remember only slow and constant movements, to cool the body.


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