When you feel that your metabolism is changing, and each time it is slower, you must consider two fundamental reasons, the passage of time and a poor diet. In many cases it can be both reasons.

An investigation, carried out by the magazine Public Health Nutrition, confirms that aging is related to the progressive decrease of the basal metabolic rate.


The passage of time is undoubtedly a factor that we cannot do anything about, but if you can skip these 10 habits that GFIT ACTVEWEAR brings especially for you and put an end to the slow metabolism.

First habit:

When you wake up you can program your brain to work your metabolism in optimal conditions and what you should do is have a nutritious and not overloaded breakfast, it is also important not to skip breakfast in this case.
We advise you that you can include fibers and proteins such as eggs, Greek yogurt and berries or whole-grain toast.

Second habit:

The UK National Health Service warns that sitting for long periods slows down your metabolism, so if you are at home working all day, choose to have a piece of furniture where you can work standing up for hours, if hours! It sounds strange, but you are going to get a lot more benefits than you expect. If, on the other hand, you are in the office it will be a little strange that you work standing up, and the idea is not to attract attention, for that, think about having active breaks in periods of 3 hours. In this way, a sedentary routine will not take over you.

Third habit:

The American Council On Exercise states: that strength training, such as cardio HIT or simply resistance-based workouts, are key to metabolism as it has active muscle mass. On the other hand, if you do normal cardio, your metabolism will be activated only for the minutes that the activity includes, but when you finish, you will no longer burn calories, so it is much better for the metabolism to practice cardio HIT or resistance-based exercises because it has longer active burning calories.

Fourth habit:

Up to this point it is already clear that muscle mass plays an important role if we are talking about metabolism, therefore, to maintain good muscle mass it is necessary to consume enough protein, not skip meals and avoid excess alcohol or staying up late, otherwise will come the inconvenience to develop or maintain muscles. Remember that protein needs more energy to dispose of than fats or even carbohydrates, that is, the more protein, the more calories you will burn during digestion.

Fifth habit:

Water, like any diet, cannot be absent, and is that drinking water helps for many health problems, in this case it has been proven that your metabolism can increase its performance by up to 30%, simply by drinking water during the day, the minimum would be a liter a day, but it's up to you how much you want to do for your health ...

Sixth habit:

It is time to talk about cortisol, it is a hormone that develops from the stress we handle, and how do we know that this hormone is in high performance?


  • Increase our appetite
  • Increase anxiety
  • Fast food cravings
  • Lower interest in exercising
  • Lower sleep time
  • Low sex drive

Although stress levels cannot be controlled, if we can manage it, giving importance to what is really needed, including habits such as reading, praying, meditating, yoga and why not, going to the psychologist to guide us in the face of our adversities.

Habit 7:

In the seventh habit, you must learn to differentiate carbohydrates because not all of them help our metabolism to be fast and, on the contrary, they make it slow, very slow, as is the case with white bread, desserts, sweets, etc. Its high sugar content goes quickly to the blood and in the blood there are all the supplements so that our body has energy and if what we are going to provide is sugar, then energy is not going to do the best.

Eighth habit:

Dairy products can be of great help, but without abusing them, because on the one hand we end the slow metabolism, but on the other hand we are affecting our colon.

People who include milk, cheese and yogurt in their diet tend to have less obesity according to research carried out by the journal Nutrients. Because dairy products are somewhat metabolic boosters and provide protein and calcium that go directly to our muscle mass, you see?

Again we talk about muscle mass, and it is definitely very important for metabolism.

Ninth habit:

Did you know that there are studies where they claim that sleeping in cool spaces increases the levels of calorie burning, we explain how:
If we leave the air conditioning on in el summer, or we turn down the heating before going to sleep in the winter, our body accelerates the burning of calories to generate heat. Does it make sense, right? Research also states that a suitable temperature would be 19 ° C (66 ° F).

Habit 10:

The importance of sleeping is enormous, because if several nights come together without sleep, your metabolism becomes very slow and generates hormonal imbalances. For this there are many tips to be able to fall asleep, two of them are:

Leave the cell phone 60 minutes before going to bed.
Your last meal, 2 hours before going to sleep.

Practice these habits that we bring you today, and you will not only lose weight but your metabolism will thank you because it will be working faster. Do you have any other habits that have served you well?

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