Go for a run during this pandemic and not get bored 🏃🏻‍♀️


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Like many other people who are lovers of exercise and running, in the middle of this pandemic we have faced a social barrier due to the problems that it could otherwise bring us. Therefore, in recent months we have been in confinement at home, without seeing family, friends and people that we were used to frequenting, however this over a short time has been reflected in different incidents in the population; as are anxiety, stress and mental health problems.
In this article we are going to talk about why exercise and to be more specific, going for a run can be our best ally to survive under these circumstances.

Running Tips, a solution for physical and mental problems

It is scientifically proven that running generates a feeling of well-being in our body, it is reflected in our mood, it is undoubtedly one of the best practices improving physical activity in our lives.

Throughout the pandemic, the population has encountered different inconveniences due to spending a lot of time locked up at home; The great advantage of going for a run is that you can leave your place to see, listen and clear your mind so that you achieve a less boring and healthier routine for your day to day.
This exercise, whether high-performance or solely as a daily habit, directly causes visible improvements in our body, such as:

  • Improved oxygenation of the body
  • Improves the performance of the respiratory system
  • Drastically reduces stress level
  • Helps prevent injuries
  • Helps burn calories avoiding overweight problems
  • Keeps us in a better mood - self-esteem
  • Improves sexual appetite
  • Less wear on the joints
  • Create healthy habits
  • Prevents health problems
  • Improves concentration and memory.

The best tips for runners

It is true that running has its pros and cons, however there are many people who, in order to motivate themselves, need to generate bonds of friendship within the performance of this activity, so we recommend that you go out for a run, but if necessary, do not do it alone, you can invite Some friends or neighbors to run with you, they can try it a couple of times a week or a month and if it works and there is an interest on the part of the people you invited, they could form a group on Facebook and from there grow the community of runners in your area, setting goals, challenges among many other things to make it entertaining. (respecting the distance between people and in open places)
In this way you avoid confinement in a more subtle way, improving your physical and mental health, what more can you ask for.

Find new routes to run 🌄

The habit of running at a specific time will allow you to generate relationships and communication with people you do not know, thus creating a fun option to the boring routine of running in the same places, however a recommendation for people looking to run, socializing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is creating different routes in different places so that each day is an adventure and never feels like a boring activity.

Set an achievable goal, measure the kilometers and try to overcome them 🎯

Initially going for a run may be the best alternative to the confinement in which we are living due to current world problems, but as the days go by, we can orient that routine to a scalable goal where our immune and physical systems can benefit from this habit. Woman running are estimated that to generate habits, it is enough to repeat an activity at least 21 days, according to important research that has been done worldwide, we include a specific schedule and a number of km to travel, within a short time you will begin to notice results positive to get a different and healthier body.
Establish measurable objectives such as traveling x number of kilometers in x amount of time and improve your marks, this will keep you motivated so that it will become a personal challenge, which you can achieve with discipline and perseverance.

Choose your favorite music to go for a run

One of the most important recommendations for the ladies running in this article is to play music when going for a run, depending on your mood and the goals you plan to achieve that day, we suggest that you make a playlist with your favorite music that will motivate and encourage you. To keep going, mixing good music with exercise can generate really impressive results, since when we exercise and listen to music, our body releases endorphins and even adrenaline that will help us to be more resistant.

Run through trails

Running through trails will require high concentration, since the ground tends to have many irregularities and if you do not want to hurt yourself you will have to be concentrated to avoid injuring yourself, however this has a positive side and that is that you will stay so focused that time It will pass faster, and the distance will be the same, remember that running through hidden trails and paths will generate the feeling of adventure, and therefore you will enjoy the activity more.


Practicing cardio or going for a run is not the best idea for everyone, and sometimes we prefer other activities, however it is very important to maintain our physical and mental health as well as possible, the pandemic does not help at all and on the contrary increases our levels' of anxiety, despair, stress and therefore our genetic diseases increase. For this, it is important first to generate the habit of going for a run, although you can do other types of exercise, but in this case we focus on running, after you generate a habit, you go on to select a comfortable schedule which will allow you to be able to relate to more people. In addition, to make this activity much more enjoyable, you can include a playlist with genres such as electronic, pop or some type of your preference, in fact if you search YouTube Playlist to exercise you will have too many options. Remember that if you put all the above into practice, you can lead a very healthy life despite the circumstances.

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