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Many times we think that, not being able to go to the gym either because of time or because of the most recent virus era where we should be at home. It was a powerful factor for not exercising and neglecting our health. But this cause began to appear, certain extra kilos. 😓

In the absence of machines with good weight or sophisticated equipment that would make any muscle in my body work, we felt a stagnation, we felt incomplete and our physical and health goals were getting further and further away.

But being in a pandemic is not synonymous with not exercising, this time you will learn to do a daily routine, regardless of whether you do not have money to be in a gym, or if your children and your work do not give you time to go to a gym, Simply from your home with only 30 minutes a day you will achieve it, if you can dedicate more time. The results will be more noticeable.

The great advantage of training at home is that you do not need to buy any equipment, clearly there are many tools that you could have even at low cost, but that you can consider later as a reinforcement of your training, for now let's start with nothing. Only attitude to change your physique and have excellent health, you will need.


At home exercises

Before starting, you can do a circuit at home by running from one place to another and if you can squat at each end of the route much better, so you can warm up your body for the routine. We advise you to do it for at least 3 minutes. Since the warm-up and stretching are necessary to avoid injuries.

The exercises that you will see below you can include them all in a daily routine or most, it depends on you how much time you have. Ideally, you should have the habit of training at home at least 4 days a week.

Woman push-ups

It is a very easy exercise to do at home, you can lie on your stomach, and you must place the palm of your hands on the floor always at the height of your shoulders, then lift your body and keep your body upright without raising your buttock. The look always forward.

The objective is that, but if you have difficulty doing it, you can start with the first weeks supporting your knees, it will be much easier.

Perform 3 sets of ten push-ups each.

Push-ups on the wall woman

Either replace the previous exercise or simply to strengthen the arms, you can also do the push-ups while standing and resting your palms on the wall, and you move away ... remember that the more you manage to separate yourself from the wall, your exercise will be more effective.

Likewise, when you are on the ground, your hands should be at the height of your shoulders. Additionally, you must raise your heels in the initial position of the exercise.

Start by tightening your abdomen and always try to keep your back from twisting.

Perform this exercise with 3 sets of ten push-ups.

Body weight squats arms in front

Performing a normal squat would be enough but at GFIT ACTIVEWEAR we want you to have soon and noticeable results, for this we are going to intensify your training a bit. You are going to extend your arms to the front the entire time.

The position of the knees is essential, they must point in the same direction that your feet are pointing, that is to say to the front.

You can also start the first weeks with 3 repetitions of ten squats.

Step up exercise

Ideally, you should use a drawer, but since we are at home, and we may not have it at hand, we can use a chair or other object, which gives you the possibility to climb without it making you fall. Be very careful.

You must support one of the feet completely on the drawer and the other on the floor, then the foot that is on the floor will be lifted and placed in the drawer.

Whenever you do the exercise, you should contract your abdomen when you are raising your foot off the ground. It is very important that you follow the advice as we describe them in this article. We not only want you to have good health, but also an optimal body that makes you feel much more confident of yourself and also look more beautiful than you are.

You can perform 2 repetitions of die raises in each leg.

Buttock bridge

Perhaps one of the exercises that you are going to practice the most 😏😏, it is very simple and excellent for your buttocks, support your whole body on the floor and place your hands down, touching the ground, you will raise your pelvis but always keeping your back straight. Then you will go down without touching the ground. And so on.

You can perform 3 repetitions of ten lifts each.

Abs exercise woman

Place your hands behind the nape of your neck and lift yourself up to perform a sit-up, you can't take your buttocks off the ground. Do not put too much pressure on the neck and do 3 repetitions of ten crunches each.

Perform 2 repetitions of ten exercises on each leg.

Even if you want to increase the difficulty of the exercise, you can do them mode bicycle and instead of supporting your feet at 90 degrees and your two hands on your head, try to get your nose as close as possible to your left knee, while the right leg is extended and so on repeatedly.


You can also use the scissors to your routine, they are fantastic for a marked abdomen. Lay your whole body down and raise your legs and make crosses between them, simulating a scissor movement.

You can perform this exercise with three sets of twenty repetitions each.

Including an exercise routine at home will bring benefits on a physical and psychological level, because our body removes endorphins that improves our mood and our state of mind, additionally it will help to sleep more easily at night since during the day you were active and that fatigue at night will help you sleep more and better.

Remember that to have the best disposition to do your daily routine you need to have discipline, to be comfortable, clothes are essential, you can use leggings and a top or a crop top you liked and that are special for exercising, since their materials and their constitution they will make exercise more effective.

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