How To Wash Workout Clothes

How To Wash Workout Clothes

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When we leave the gym very tired from a hard training we are satisfied, but then sweat takes over our sportswear regardless of the manufacturing material. On many occasions, sportswear is not economical, so we must be very careful when washing it. In this way you can extend the life of your sportswear.



How Often Should I Wash Sportswear?

Sportswear should always be washed after each use, because if it is used several times without washing, layers of body dirt and bacteria accumulate. The most important thing is that you let the clothes air dry before washing or if they cannot be washed right away, put the sports clothes away in a basket to prevent mold.

Washing sportswear requires special care. These are not your cotton t-shirts and pants that can tolerate hot water washes and machine drying. Each piece of sportswear requires preparation before and after washing.


1. Soak and Rinse | Sportwears

After washing, clothes sometimes retain a bad smell and for that you can use distilled white vinegar. It is inexpensive and has a low level of acid that passes through body oil and helps to loosen dirt and bacteria from fabric that cannot be washed away.


2. Turn Clothes Over | Sportwears

It is important that you turn your sportswear upside down since the interior is where most of the dirt generated by sweat is kept. Also that will help preserve the colors of the fabric.

3. Beware of Detergent | Sportwears

Look for a detergent for sportswear, do not cling to how dirty the clothes are, because overusing the amount of detergent will cause the fabric to wear out and for this reason, too much detergent will accumulate in the fibers of the clothes than in other words It will cause new bacteria to grow. A sportswear detergent cleans moisture-wicking synthetic materials.

4. Wash settings | Sportwears

It is very important that the washing machine has the following configuration:

a. Cold water
B. Gentle cycle

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5. How to Dry Sportswear

The most recommended option is to let the sportswear dry in the open air, it can be on a rack or if you want to do it in a dryer but it is necessary that the temperature is as low as possible. If the temperature is high, the sportswear will be damaged.



On many occasions, sportswear is made of elastic fabrics, of high resistance because its use will be with different movements and it should not break.

Sportswear seeks to keep you cool because its fibers absorb part of the sweat and have UV protection.

Where Should I Keep My Sportswear?

The sportswear can be hung or folded and the classification is already in you, you can have a section of only sportswear or as many people, on one side the pants and on the other side the shirts, etc.

Sewing Sportswear

As time goes by, the fibers with which the sportswear is made wear out or if they are poorly maintained as we mentioned in the previous part about the care when washing. What is certain is that any hole can be sewn with a needle and thread, but due to the constitution of its material, it is most likely that the additional thread will be noticed.

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Remove Stains On Sportswear

Many times due to the deodorant or our own sweat, the part of the armpits is stained and it is something that conventional detergent cannot remove.

You can use lemon and baking soda, generating a mixture and before washing your sportswear with an unused toothbrush you can scrub the mixture until removed, then wash the sportswear.

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