Many girls ask us daily if it is advisable to wear leggings outside of exercise spaces, although they have seen it, they are not sure how correct it is and today we will remove that doubt.

The answer is yes, you can use it in different activities that does not necessarily imply to be exercising but it is important to wear leggings correctly, many women prefer to use it daily, but they use it in the wrong way.

Although it is a very versatile pants and can be used in all 4 seasons, thus giving it a wide possibility of use but it does not imply that it can be combined with everything, in fact it has its secrets. Today GFIT Activewear brings you those secrets and thus make you wear your leggings in the most precise way.

Before we start we must describe what a leggings is, it is made up of elastic fabrics that adjust to our body, they come in different colors, it is also necessary to mention that some are made to go exercise and others to use on a day-to-day basis.

Tip 1 to correctly wear leggings:
Do not wear leggings in light colors if you want to go for a walk, always try to buy leggings with slightly thicker fabrics to ensure that your underwear is not seen.

Tip 2 to correctly wear leggings: never wear a leggings with short garments, short blouses would not look good if you are going to be in the street, you can choose to wear a long shirt, jacket, even a coat and remember that you should always cover the front and back.

Tip 3 to use leggings correctly, never, never wear a leggings with high shoes, you will look much more beautiful if you wear tennis or low shoes, remember that a leggings is an outfit for casual outings, nothing elegant so the shoes must be flat and better if they are sporty.



GFIT ACTIVEWEAR recommends that you first identify your body and then choose the clothes to combine your wardrobe, we explain why:

- If you have wide hips, if or if you must cover them as we mentioned in tip # 2. Apart from that, avoid wearing leggings with animal print designs, because you will attract much more attention in the area of ​​your hips. On the contrary, if your hips are not large, animal Prints designs will be your best option.
- Use soft but not transparent textures for summer and fall seasons.
- Use thick textures for winter.
- Verify the length of the leggings, that it fits us well in the pelvic area does not mean that everything is perfect, as it verifies that no roll is made on the foot because of its length, if so, you can choose to take it to the dressmaker so that I cut a little.
- You can use them both day and night, it is not a formal wardrobe, but it gives you a great possibility to alternate your outfit.



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