How To Start Going To The Gym

When I started to have exercise as part of my life I followed bad advice such as what to eat and what not to eat, or those phrases of: "if your muscles hurt, it is because you trained hard and they will grow", but the curve learning of each apprentice regardless of the field, is something that cannot be avoided, but in this short article I will give you a couple of tips that without a doubt, I would have had them, it would have saved me several injuries.

I still remember when I started at the gym, the first days I was very full, I was motivated to think that if I didn't stop in less than 3 months I would have results ... or so I thought.

It was in 2018 when after my working day I would tell myself to go to the gym instead of going to rest at home, I could not miss exercise, I trained 5 out of seven days a week and saw how the seniority of people was appreciated That had been going on for a long time and when I saw my body with some extra chubby ones in many areas of my body instead of demotivating me, I saw it as a reference or a goal.

Throughout the weeks, you can make friends, in order to have a more enjoyable workout, because I heard many say that leaving the gym, more than half of the people did it and that the rebound effect was disastrous. 🤷🏻‍♀️ worse, I still couldn't understand the language of the gym.

But what I did know was that the more friends I had, the more I would get away from the day when I didn't go to the gym again out of laziness, or something like that, because between friends you can make appointments, make plans after training, etc.

One of the phrases that I marked and that was the basis of a rotator cuff injury in my left shoulder, was: "If your muscles hurt, it is because you trained hard and they are going to grow" I still remember it as if it had been yesterday and the reception so well in my mind, because the person who told me had a body that I wanted to have without a doubt, so I wrote it down with blood in my mind. Until one day, my shoulder said, no more enough! And I lasted in a shoulder injury for more than 6 months. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Then if I did what I should have done before taking any advice from strangers, do my research! And it turns out that the muscles hurt for two reasons, one, if it was the one they had told me, because when doing an exercise the muscle fibers can break, and these when they are re-created, if there is a correct diet and other factors apart , a muscle would form a larger muscle tissue (the muscles grow), but the other side of the coin was that, if the exercise is badly done, it has bad technique that is, it is being done in an incorrect way the same body is doing you warning that you are exposing him to an injury, and in my case it was this side of the coin that I fell, since it hurt not because my muscles were growing, but because the repetition was doing the wrong way.

To this we must also add it and there are advanced exercises, for when a body already has experience, if it is recommended that you do it, regardless of whether you are doing it well or badly, if you are a novice, you will still approach an injury. For this, it is essential to cling to the accompaniment of your coach.

Use these tips to create a strategy focused on effective progress without leading to muscle fatigue.

In fact, when I went to the doctor and through an X-ray, he explained to me that muscle pain is also associated with high intensity training sessions and that it is far from being related to a successful training, the muscles are stressed more than normal and that in certain cases changing exercises frequently is also an important factor in generating muscle pain.

After 6 months of rest, I replaced the training method and without looking for muscle pain in my workouts, I focused on doing the exercises correctly and gradually I was increasing the intensity but always respecting the limit of what my body allowed. So over many weeks, I was able to have better technique in each repetition and without paying attention to anyone, only the coach. With more technique and more control, my physical condition in 11 months was extraordinary, of course the diet had a 360 ° change

Train to failure 

Training to failure is not always the only solution to accelerate results and less so if you start in the world of training until now, because your body must have a transition to withstand this intensity, keep in mind, training until exhaustion increases the risk of injuries and causes slow recovery. Training until failure will be of no use if the next day you need to train and your muscles still ache. Because they have not recovered enough.

So training until exhaustion, we can do it with frequent training, a higher intensity, but without having to reach the daily limits, everything will progress.

esivo, if you have that in mind and practice it, you will go the right way. I can tell you that every 4 and 5 weeks I increased the weight a little more in the exercises and it worked for me, because I did demand my body but not excessively and from there I did not injure myself more.


Strength training diets

It is time for the most important factor to change our physical appearance and have our body in optimal condition. Food, it is useless to give 200% in the gym if you do not eat well, that is more than proven.

Practicing an optimal eating habit will be very influential in getting you closer to your goal. It is not easy to change our eating habits overnight, but it starts with these two great tips:

Build a list of nutritious foods for when you go to the grocery store.

  • Eat more slowly ⌚
  • Includes lots of veggies 🥦🥬🫑
  • Avoid as much as possible 🌭🍔🍟🍕🥪🌮
  • Drink lots of water 💦
  • Turn off the screens while you eat 📲💻🖥️
  • Leave the cutlery on the plate while you chew 🍽️

360 training

In short, the training needs our body and although the results are too slow, it is worth it, and it is definitely worth it when it comes to dressing and seeing how our clothes are appreciated, it is worth it when we are on the beach and more than Summer is here, do not lose patience, everything comes to its time and take advantage of the road, not just the mta.

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