Plus Size Activewear Sets

Plus Size Activewear Sets


Plus Size Activewear Sets


One of the great challenges for curvy women is finding the right clothing for exercise. They think it is an easy task.

In recent years, sports brands have realized that women who go to the gym are not always fitness, in fact a huge percentage are normal women, with extra chubby and beautiful 😍😍, so much so that Nike not long ago launched a line to curvy women, as their competitors already have it.

It is not about taking the first shirt you see in the closet and wide pants to cover the figure, if you do this, you should actually read this blog. Because by wearing inappropriate clothing you will be frustrating the performance in the activity you are doing.

Starting from the fact that women are flirtatious by nature and want to be perfect even while exercising or regardless of the activity they are doing. The good news is that thanks to the Plus Size Activewear Sets from GFT ACTIVEWEAR it is possible to look good and have good sports performance at the same time.

Do not forget that the clothes you use should allow you to give yourself ease of movement and sufficient support. Clothes that fit well will give you more confidence and motivation during all workouts.

What you need is not difficult, in fact any woman of any size needs it too and it is quality and durability. The extra condition is that it gives you enough support where you need it most.


How to choose Plus Size Activewear Sets


With the recommendations that we will give you below on how to buy quality clothes, it will not only make you feel better, but it will last longer. You will know which are the best fabrics, the best garments according to your body type and how to choose the bra. So that your next purchase is successful.

Which Plus Size Activewear Sets to choose according to your body type?
No woman's body is the same as another's, but when shopping, the first thing to be clear about is your body type. In order to know what looks good on you and what you should discard. In curvy women, three forms stand out:


• Pear: wide hips and slim top.

• Apple: the body has a shape similar to an oval and is wider in the middle part.

• Hourglass: wide at the top and bottom but with a well-defined waist.


Let's go with each one ...


Pear-Shaped Bodies | Plus Size Activewear Sets

The objective is that the attention is directed towards the upper part of your body. In this way, there will be a greater balance between the size of the shoulders and arms with that of the hips.

To achieve this, use t-shirts in light colors, they can be sleeveless if you prefer. While at the bottom decide for dark colors that are characterized by hiding your figure.

In pants, avoid wide-boot ones. Instead, look for ones that have a straight cut. Also, do not wear pants with vertical lines on the sides.

Apple-Shaped Bodies | Plus Size Activewear Sets

In this case, the task will be to hide the width of the middle part of your body.

T-shirts that tie at the waist will help you achieve that goal. Don't completely cover the top. Sleeveless and round neck tops will distract eyes, away from the center of the body.

As in the previous case, avoid wide-boot pants. Main recommendation, wear leggings.

You see that it is easier than it seems and perhaps a mistake is always made when choosing the right outfit, but let's continue, let's not get distracted, we have the last body.


Hourglass Shaped Bodies | Plus Size Activewear Sets

We are going to highlight your greatest advantage is that you have a well defined waist. In this case, omit the high collars 100% and instead you can choose between round or V-neck t-shirts.

Feel free to wear shorts or skorts for the bottom. Do not wear very baggy clothes, because they will make you look bigger than you really are.

Plus Size Activewear Sets

What Bra To Buy? | Plus Size Activewear Sets

Another headache is choosing the right bra, since due to the size it causes a lot of discomfort when exercising.

When we first mentioned that some understanding garments did not favor plus-size women, we were referring to this one.

Compression bras work in a nutshell, flattening the chest. But it is insufficient for women with large breasts. To do this, choose encapsulating bras because they have individual layers that surround the chest and support each breast.

Finally, always choose bras with wide straps because they will be more comfortable for you.

What Type of Pants To Choose? | Plus Size Activewear Sets


The pants you choose should ensure that you will have flexibility and resistance. Also, you should be comfortable with the coverage they give you. It is not always necessary to wear long pants just because you are a plus size, those are myths. Although the main thing is to take your body into account! You must not forget it.

Another option is cycling shorts, they will give you enough flexibility so that you can move without problems. And you will not have to worry about friction with the machines if you are in the gym.

If you are uncomfortable being so exposed, showing so much skin, you can choose to wear pants over it.

To prevent the layers from raising your body temperature, the outer pants must be made of a very light fabric.

A sports skirt over the mesh. This will give you even more coverage than shorts. Leggings are one of the most practical options and are made so as not to interrupt your movements during exercise.

You won't need a whole sportswear wardrobe. With just a few clothes you can get many different looks to go to the gym, go for a run or do yoga.
Types of fabrics


 Types Of Fabrics | Plus Size Activewear Sets

Each fabric has its advantages and disadvantages. Cotton is very comfortable and absorbent, but it takes longer to dry. Nylon, polyester and similar fabrics fit well to the body and retain their shape. But they tend to get hot during exercise.
Special fabrics, made to wick away moisture, will keep you dry. In contrast, they do not provide much support and may have less durability.

Now the next step is to try the different alternatives that we have placed for you in this blog and thus depending on which one suits you best, you can choose the best outfit to train.

You liked the information. Do you think we forgot any detail? Please let us know in the comments, we are waiting for you!

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