Is Walking 4 Miles A Day Good?

The mischief of the owner of this blog, perhaps it is on the opposite path to 90% of the headlines in the world, where they are motivating you to go for a walk, walking is good for your health, do not stop walking etc.

But if you agreed to enter here, it is because you feel deep down that everything in excess is bad or perhaps worse, you find yourself at a stagnant point where you keep walking but with a goal in between and the results do not arrive.

Stay a couple of minutes and you will leave with a renewed strategy.


To start it is necessary to make it clear that no matter why you are walking?

Perhaps for hobbies, for an active break in your sedentary day to day, the doctor suddenly recommended it or you are trying new ways of exercising.

You should know from now on, that in most cases, doing it in excess is not the most efficient way that you can execute.


It is very clear, if you go for a walk to maintain an athletic body, you will have to walk a lot to achieve it and during that process you could suffer some type of injury due to overload, on the other hand if you run or do another sport for a shorter time you can achieve your goal without hurting you.

The other case is that you go for a walk to lose weight, if the doctor recommended it or you simply made the decision because you think it is necessary, and you enter a world where you have as a goal to lose x amount of calories per day and You start to control meals also by calories to what it takes you, because if one day you consumed more than normal you should then increase your walking time, believe me that this obsessive world is not recommended because those who will be affected in the medium term will be the cholesterol and metabolic rate.

Triathlete Alexandra Coates was asked about this issue and her point of view focuses on the fact that there is no exact-maximum time imitation for a human being to go for a walk without consequences since many factors intervene, age, weight, habits, etc. And she closes her contribution to this issue, with: while exercise is good, it brings many positive things to health, but if you become dependent on it, you enter risky territory.



To contextualize, if your goal is to lose weight, definitely GFIT ACTIVEWEAR
He recommends you increase your speed instead of walking more miles, since many experts say that walking burns fat very slowly and as if that were not enough it also influences the burning of carbohydrate reserves. 😔

Neither the idea is to always go out for a run like you've never done it, but if something accelerated, maybe 16 and 20 minutes per miles on average is ideal at a fast speed.

Other benefits:

  • Improves overall longevity 🤸🏻‍♀️
  • Less time consuming ⌚
  • Reduces the risk of mortality ❤️

These data were concluded by the professor at the University of Sydney, Emmanuel Stamatakis, where in one of his many studies, he gathered 50,000 participants and after putting them to walk at different speeds he found these results. Where many summarize the study as: if you walk faster, you can live longer.

If you are a frequent walker, preferably increase your speed and not the goal, and remember if your habits do not include going for a walk and you want to start, a gradual start is perfect, because if you start with high rhythms and very extensive goals, most likely, it is that you suffer some type of injury, it is important that you teach your body, that you indicate it, what is coming. Also keep in mind that warming up, stretching the muscles before and after your exercise period is necessary.


We have not talked about the bones and in the medium term they will be denser and stronger thanks to a walking routine, and it is highly recommended for women over 50, since the effects of menopause will be less.

It also strengthens the joints, going for a walk constantly prevents future arthritis or osteoarthritis.

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