Resistance Band Exercises For Legs And Glutes

exercises for glutes female

It is not simply about vanity issues or wanting to look sexier, working the buttocks is very important because this muscle is the largest extensor of the hip and the gluteus medius stabilizes the pelvis.

It generates greater mobility, agility and security. It is necessary to mention that if we work all day sitting down, as the days go by, the buttocks will weaken more and more.

To increase buttocks it is essential to perform the exercises with good technique and also accompany them with a correct diet.

GFIT ACTIVEWEAR brings the 10 best exercises for female buttocks that you can do and have large buttocks.

👉🏼 Tips1: before starting the exercises you must understand that all movements must cause the rib cage to be aligned with your pelvis, in other words do not enlarge the ribs and it is necessary to arch the lower back. It is important that you put your pelvis towards the navel and the ribs down. The clearest example is when we are going to do a deep exhalation.


👉🏼 Tips2:YOU CAN do all the exercises with bands in fact it would be much better

Let's go for those huge glutes 🍑!



one leg for glutes


You do not need any additional equipment, on your own you can. It is enough to stand on one foot, start with the right leg and with the left leg you send it towards the back of your body, touching only the tip of the foot and the floor and the right arm on the hip, the left arm extended downwards to a side.

You are going to contract the abdomen to start and you will begin by leaning slowly forward, lifting the left leg that you had supported only the tip, that same you will take it back, lifting it while the torso will go towards the floor until forming a straight line from the tip from the left foot to your head.

You can do 15 reps with each leg and 4 rounds.

step ups for gluten


In this case you will need a drawer, a short chair or an object that allows you to get on it and that is not so high.

Starting position, you are going to stand in front of the object with your hands always, always on your hips. You place your left foot on the object and you are going to bring your right leg towards your chest, as much as you can, remember that if you are starting you should not try so hard, while we are taking the routine and with the passing of the days your movements will be more technical .

You can do 15 reps with each leg and 4 rounds.


squat side for glutes


You can practice this exercise with or without a band, in the illustration we show you with a band but it is exactly the same if you don't have a band, you can do it.

Starting position, feet straight, under the hips with the hands in front of the chest and interlocked, and you start by taking a lateral step to your right and then you will bend the knees, and you will try to sit until the thighs are parallel to the floor.

Always remember to contract your abdomen, if you have a resistance band you will wrap it around your shins and you will do exactly the same.

You can do 15 reps with each side and 4 rounds.



bridge for glutes


Perhaps one of my favorites, not only for its effectiveness but because when you manage to have the correct technique, you put weight on it and you really feel how your glutes work.

Starting position, lying on your back and legs tucked or bent, feet resting correctly on the floor and arms out to the sides in the same way also touching the floor. You are going to start by squeezing your buttocks and you will take your hips as high as you can, look at the ceiling and try to bring your hips up there, if you have a band you can place it above your knees and you will always keep it pressed.

You can do 20 reps and 4 rounds.



Squat for glutes


Starting position, with your feet apart and at shoulder height, you will let your hands fall on your hips and this exercise begins when you bring your hips back and bend your knees until your thighs are parallel to the ground and your hands will place them. In front of your chest, you are going to stay there for at least 30 seconds.

You can do 15 reps and 4 rounds.

DUMBBELL KICK for gluten


Initial position is on all fours, ideal for you to have a dumbbell for this exercise because it will be more effective but if you do not have or while buying one you can do it without it, the ideal is that you go learning the technique, you are going to place the weight, start with the right leg (your weight on the right leg), then pressing the leg you will bring it up, generating a back kick and that the knee is always aligned with the hip parallel to the floor, then change the weight to the left leg and perform exactly the same movement.

You can do 15 reps with each leg and 4 rounds.


squat for gluten


Another very common exercise for women with huge buttocks 🍑 and although it seems simple, when you do it you will realize that it requires more than the effort that is initially appreciated. The starting position, standing with your feet hip-width apart and your hands toward your chest, if you have a weight or something heavy hold it and you will notice if your arms are correctly when they point to the floor.

You are going to push your hips back and bend your knees to lower into a squat, remember that the most you should go down is as far as your knees are completely bent.

Do you see that it is not so easy?

But you can !

You can do 20 reps and 4 rounds.


Jump and squat for gluten


Starting position with your feet apart and at shoulder height and arms extended, you will bend your knees until you squat, bringing your hands together in front of your chest and you will jump with great force as high as you can, swinging with your arms towards back, since the arms will give you momentum and when you return to the floor you will slowly lower into a squat again.

You can do 20 reps and 4 rounds.


one leg for glutes


Starting position, you are going to stand on one foot, you can start with the right foot, and the left leg behind the body. You will bend your right knee slightly and rotate your hips to gently lower your torso forward.
Then contract your glutes to kick your left leg straight back and up.

You can do 15 reps with each leg and 4 rounds.




brinde for glutes


Your starting position will be lying down, facing the ceiling and your knees bent, your feet resting on the floor at the height of the hips, you will raise your right knee to your chest, always contracting your buttocks, when you have your leg up you can take a maximum of 2 seconds to return it and when you lower it, you will raise the left rosilla.

You can do 15 reps with each leg and 4 rounds.

Exercices For Glutes ✅


As you realized, the exercises are ideal to work at home, without equipment the ideal is that you have no more excuses, we want you to have glutes as you always dreamed of them and if possible they grow naturally.

These are some of the most effective exercises to increase the 🍑 buttocks, we mentioned at the beginning that a correct diet is essential for your goals, for this you must have a diet high in protein and an ideal body weight.


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