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Changing habits in humans is not difficult, but neither is it a one-day task, and although many experts claim that generating new habits consists mainly of repeating an activity for 21 days, in the end it is not only that. It requires psychological components that motivate you to persist.

Of all the research that has been carried out around the world on changes to improve people's lives, they have concluded that one of the most frequent mistakes is to focus on what will be difficult, and our capacities will not reach that goal. And it is very clear, if we set ourselves a goal and from the beginning we program our brain that there is not much chance of completing the process successfully, ultimately that will pass. It is a serious mistake to believe that we will not be able to believe it will turn into action.

It is better first to define the goal and second to create small steps that will take you to that destination, but always being clear that the goal is not around the corner and that the road will be long.

Of course, you are already understanding that patience is the basis of your change. Keep in mind that generating healthy habits such as:

  • Eat Healthy
  • Exercise every day
  • Sleep well
  • Controlling stress
  • Have patience

It is not what we are used to, perhaps, our day to day will be with a somewhat different panorama, Perhaps it is the side that our lives are used to, because how delicious it is to go to eat a hot dog 🌭, or what about one Large double meat burger with chips and soda 🍔 🍟. Even sleeping 30 min more 😴 but not going to the gym, among other things that do not help to have a healthy life.

Attention, we have gathered 4 essential steps that you must do now so that your life takes another course, and you become a person with full physical and mental state. 😱😱



Before starting wanting to change things in your life, you must make a pros and cons planning and for them something essential, you must achieve your objectives in SMART mode, SMART objectives are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and temporary. to serve? It will simply give us clarity of where we will arrive, how we will arrive and what checkpoints we will have to ensure that the goal is met and that we do not take any detour that we do not want.

We give you an example, if your goal was to “run faster”, you could consider being part of groups where you can participate in competitions to walk fast, which, although it is not what you want today, it is not your goal, because what you want is running fast, not walking fast, but it will be something that will get you much, much closer to your goal. Are you understanding me? Think that if you enter a participation where you must walk, walk very fast, it will make your physical condition increase, and even if you start easy mode, it could be said, you will increase the number of miles you travel in each session, during the process you will lose weight, increase your resistance, and therefore you should eat better little by little. When you are the least think about it, your performance will be much higher when you started and when you decide to run, you will run faster due to many factors, one of them your resistance and weight have improved considerably.

After a couple of weeks, you will be able to contemplate the idea of ​​participating in running challenges, and you will gradually get closer to your Smart goal.


Research indicates that positive psychology consists of programming your mind to a particular purpose, from subjective experiences they conclude that a compound between past, present and future must be generated, where

Past: Joy, well-being and satisfaction
Present: Let flow and happiness
Future: Hope and optimism

It is much easier to apply than it is read, it consists of finding a support space with strengths, a clear vision of the future and that helps enrich the journey towards the goal. Little by little, what is wrong in your life will fade, giving way to the good behaviors that you proposed.

What you just read is a mind-based method, you cannot separate your mind from your body, so if you control your mind, you will control your life. Apply it.


To the third point that GFIT ACTIVEWEAR has brought you together today, many researchers prefer to tell him theory of motivation in humans, and he indicates that his main focus is to increase the power of the human being and focus on making him grow and connect with himself. Combining three great pillars:

The competition ➡️ The satisfaction of having concluded something in the best way.
Autonomy ➡️ Sole owner of its own changes
The relationship ➡️ Connect with the community and connect with others.

Take this example to make it even clearer:

First define a training or activity, then you are already part of that community where they practice that act.

life, you should invite a family member or friend to accompany you to be part of it, that will help you see how the responsibility of another person to fulfill increases your motivation and above all your determination.

Forbidden to stop

Falling back into a sedentary lifestyle or quitting shouldn't be part of the path to your achievements. The changes are not easy at all, but if you set small goals to meet your larger goal, it will be much easier. Go slowly, at your own pace, demand yourself but always have a control.


From now on, include the habit of meditating at the beginning of the day or at the end, you will see noticeable changes in a short, very short time, and you will make your goal arrive in less than you expect, for this, wear comfortable clothes that will serve you while the time passes. meditation.


Undoubtedly, a good Outfit to exercise will be important for our motivation to meet goals, we recommend a look at our most requested Workout Sets in recent days, surely you will like some!



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