Benefits Of Weight Lifting For Women

At an international level there are many studies that support a correct and adequate weight training program for men, but if we change what women need, the anatomy, physiology and even hormones make any program change 360 ​​° and it is not simply, losing weight goes further than that.

If we do not go back in history, the first programs designed for women had as a common denominator to lose weight but increase repetitions, and in some way, women responded positively, since most of them do not want to reach the point of having big muscles but more definition.

Scientifically it is proven that a woman after thirty years of age begins to lose from three to eight percent of her total muscle mass every 10 to ten years, and at the age of 60, it significantly exceeds that maximum of 8% above. But what about this? The muscle within all the functions, the most important are to avoid injuries and even the risk of falls, that is why it is ideal to have the muscle mass in optimal conditions.


Hormones in the body

The first and great hormonal difference between women and men is that men can have a stable hormonal level, while women depend on their menstrual cycle, that is, each month varies.

It is necessary to internalize the menstrual cycle, the first half of the cycle is called the follicular phase and lasts approximately 14 days, and it can be said that these first 14 days the training program for women and men is very similar, because both have high levels and enough for a force training and even with weights.

But after these first days, the luteal phase arrives, which like the previous one lasts approximately 14 days, and it is evident that there is a greater hormonal presence. Causing the chemical composition of the woman to be much more catabolic, in other words, it is more complex to develop a training program with high intensity, apart from the fact that the recovery of her body is much slower, on several occasions sleep is also seen affected. In conclusion, energy levels are lower during those 14 days.

It is highly recommended that in this second stage the program be designed under these indications where the intensity level drops considerably. It is also proven that the greater results will have a better response by the body in the follicular phase, that is, in the first 14 days, the body will have a greater gain in muscle mass, in such a way that those first two weeks require an extra effort.

Physical differences

One of the main differences lies in the Q angle, the taxonomy of the body of women is greater than that of men on the axes of the femur and tibia, we are talking about the hips, and yes, women tend to have more hips. wider than men, which also leads to them being more prone to knee injuries. In fact, several studies have been carried out that show that in high school, women triple the number of knee injuries than men.

For this reason, it is highly recommended that your Coach build a training program based on the stability of the knees and especially the lumbar area, to counteract the aforementioned (knee injuries in women).

It is clear that a good training program for women should contain not only functional exercises such as the squat, deadlift, horizontal thrusts, horizontal and vertical pulls as well, without forgetting the rotational movements that are essential.

GFIT ACTIVEWEAR, recommends that you perform 3 to 4 days of muscle training in the week that includes full body exercises, but if your time is limited, with two days is enough, it can be squats and push-ups for one day and alternate it with deadlifts the next day; and so on.

If you have more time, and you can dedicate 4 days, it will be much better, because the first day you can start with exercises that work the lower part of your body such as squats and leg extensions, on day # 2 you work the upper part of your body, with pushing exercises, ideal for bench presses and chin-ups. On day # 3 of your training you can do deadlifts with movements focused on the buttocks and on the last day you can repeat day # 1 of your training, that is, working your lower body.

Weight lifting for women, you should consider:

Regardless of the number of days you go to the gym, the ideal is that the exercises have technique and are performed correctly, the repetitions are essential, the first two weeks when you have more energy and strength you can do 7-10 repetitions for each muscle group and do not go to rest more than 2 minutes

As we saw, there are many differences between men and women, although in this blog GFIT ACTIVEWEAR wanted to bring you the most important ones. The main thing is that you understand your body and do not take it to exaggerated levels of performance, focus on strengthening shoulders and knees and progress with the weight whenever your body allows it.

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