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In Gfit Activewear we have the best skirts for outdoor activities, with different designs and excellent materials that will allow you to be comfortable and look incredible, remember that our shipments are free and fast to all the United States  🇺🇸

📌 What are the types of Skirts that GFit Activewear Offers?

We offer different types of skirts according to your favorite outdoor activity, be it for exercise or swimming, we have it all.

🎾  Tennis Skirts 

Tennis skirts are one of our favorites as they are very comfortable and maintain a sexy style.

😍 Cute Skirts

All our skirts are cute and comfortable, however we recommend using this type of skirts if you want to look sexy, show off your legs and above all look spectacular anywhere.

⛳ Golf Skirts 

If you are interested in the world of golf, and you would like to practice this sport in a more comfortable and fresh way, we recommend that you see our collection of skirts to play golf

🏊‍♀️ Swim Skirts

With our Gfit Activewear skirts you can enjoy your activities in the water without any problem, since they are made to provide you with comfort, coverage and freedom of movement so that you can always swim with greater safety.

🏃‍♀️ Running Skirt

Are you one of those women who enjoy running to train and improve your health? In Gfit Activewear you can get the skirt that you like the most based on colors, design and because of its pesto comfort, skirts for running are something that cannot be missing in a runner's outfit.

🚺 What materials are our skirts made with?

✅ Advantages of wearing Gfit Activewear Skirts?

Exclusive woman’s active wear imported from Colombia.
Microfiber Fabric with benefits of advanced technology. Dry Fit and Shape Enhancing with Wide Waistband that creates Support and Comfort. High Quality construction with 6-thread double lock stitch seams.
  •  Made in Colombia, 100% Authentic
  •  ONE SIZE fits All, recommended for US sizes up to size 10, stretch up to 34 inseam.
  •  Dry Fit and Breathable
  •  Shape Enhancing with Wide Waistband that creates Support and Comfort
  •  Shrink and fade resistant.
  •  Stretch to Fit and Soft Comfort
  •  UV Protection