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If you are looking to presume a slim figure, you have come to the right place, we have the best and most beautiful waist trainers to make you look more beautiful and sexy.

👉 What do waist trainers do?


It helps you reduce the parts where you have accumulated fat, looking like a more fitness figure and shaping your body so that it is more attractive, combining it with a balanced diet you can get down a few sizes.

❓ How do waist trainers work?


In the waist trainer causes in your body a stretching and molding of the flaccid parts where fat accumulates, causing a more visually attractive figure, helping your body directly to put everything in its place.

💛 Where to buy a Colombian Faja?

If you were looking for where to buy Waist trainers in Florida and in the United States, at Gfit Activeawear we offer a wide variety of girdles that will help you shape your figure and look beautiful.

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⏳ How long do you have to wear a waist trainer to see results?

In order to achieve your objective to lose some sizes, you need to use the waist trainer at least 3 hours during your training and y our food per day

🗓 How many days a week should you wear a waist trainer?

It is recommended to use it at least 5 times a week, for more hours, to be able to see quick and concise results.

👍 Do waist trainers help to lose belly fat?

 If you combine the use of waist trainers with a balanced diet and constant exercise, in a short time you will begin to see results in your body.